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Why choose Vitamin C powder for your skin

Why choose Vitamin C powder for your skin

You might already know all the wonderful skin-boosting benefits of adding Vitamin C to your skincare routine. It is particularly important for maintaining healthy-looking skin due to its antioxidant properties. These properties allow it to fight free radicals, reduce pigmentation and delay wrinkles.  It may also help boost collagen production, which is important for keeping skin looking firm and youthful.

Vitamin C mostly come in the form of liquids and serums but these can often be unstable and ineffective. The moment you twist open your bottle of vitamin C serum, oxygen, light enters, it will start to degrade and eventually become less effective. 

So to get maximum results from this magic vitamin, you might want to consider powdered vitamin C.  Why is powdered vitamin C a better choice? We promise not to bore you so we'll stick to 4 essential reasons why you should switch to using vitamin C powder instead of serum:

1. It's more stable

As compared to serums, vitamin C powder is much more stable and won't degrade as quickly when exposed to light or air. This means that it will be more effective at delivering its benefits to your skin.

2. It's more potent

Vitamin C powder is also more potent than serum, so you'll only need to use a small amount to get the desired results.

3. It's less likely to cause irritation

Some people may find that vitamin C serums can cause irritation, but this is less likely to occur with vitamin C powder. This makes it a good option for those with sensitive skin.

4. It offers multiple benefits

Not only does vitamin C powder help to brighten the complexion and reduce pigmentation, but it also has powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties. This makes it an all-in-one solution for many common skincare concerns.

So, there you have it, four reasons why you should switch to vitamin C powder instead of serums!


benefits of vitamin C powderWondering where to get your daily dose of freshly activated Vitamin C?
Jade beauty’s Cleanse & Glow - Multivitamins has a high percentage of vitamin C powder along with a host of other beneficial vitamins. 
Use it daily by leaving it on for just 60 seconds - it is all you need for healthier and glowy skin.  
Think of it as freshly squeezed OJ on your skin every morning!
Give it a try and see for yourself how effective it can be.

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